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Code of ethics

The association, its members and all its constituent officers and bodies share a common commitment to the following fundamental values, namely to

Act with integrity and fairness by

  • ensuring honesty in all dealings
  • respecting an individual's right to privacy
  • obtaining permission of a responsible person before divulging or sharing personal information

Be an informed advocate for people with the disease, their carers and families by

  • lobbying at local and national level for improved services and assistance
  • advocating for the interests of individuals or families in the communities concerned
  • creating an awareness of appropriate legal protection and procedures

Provide accurate information by

  • actively making training and educational material available to all stakeholders
  • actively raising awareness of and empathy for, at local and national levels, the nature of the disease and its effects

Be accountable to its consumers, the community and funding sources by

  • incorporating quality assurance into the services of the association
  • keeping proper financial records that are audited annually

Demonstrate a commitment to people with the disease and their families by

  • maintaining a consistently high standard in all activities
  • being visually active and conveying a progressive public image

Offer a flexible service that caters for cultural differences by

  • recognising multi-cultural communities and their particular needs
  • consulting and gaining knowledge of cultural communities

Value the commitment of volunteers and support groups by

  • recognising their particular strengths and capabilities
  • creating an environment within which a climate of belonging is fostered
  • involving them in ongoing planning and evaluation.