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Statement of principles

Alzheimer's South Africa recognises the following principles as fundamental to the provision of care for people with dementia and for the support of their family members and caregivers:

  • Alzheimer's disease and related dementias are progressive, incapacitating diseases of the brain that have a profound impact on persons with dementia and members of their families.
  • A person with dementia continues to be a person of worth and dignity, deserving the same respect as any other human being.
  • People with dementia need a physically safe living environment and protection from exploitation and abuse of person and property.
  • People with dementia require up-to-date information and access to co-ordinated medical, psychological, rehabilitative and welfare services. Anyone thought to have dementia needs prompt medical assessment and those with dementia require ongoing care and treatment orientated to maximising their quality of life.
  • People with dementia should as far as possible participate in decisions affecting their daily lives and future care.
  • The family caregivers of a person with dementia should have their needs assessed and provided for and should be enabled to take an active role in this process.
  • Adequate resources should be available and promoted to support people with dementia and their caregivers throughout the course of dementia.
  • Understanding the experience of living with dementia, especially from the perspectives of persons with dementia and of their carers, is vital to providing effective advocacy, care of good quality, and meaningful rehabilitation. Information, education and training on dementia, its effects and how to provide care, must be available to all those involved in the assistance of people with dementia.