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Wandering, getting lost and pacing

One of the worries that families and carers have when looking after a person with dementia is the problem of wandering.

There are many reasons why people wander, especially as the disease gets worse. It is important to try and find out why people are wandering so that you can stop them, especially if it is dangerous for them to wander about in the area. Some families even lock them up to keep them safe. It can be very tiring looking after people who wander so do not feel guilty if you feel you have had enough! Rather look at ways of letting them walk around in a safe area.

People with Alzheimer’s who tend to wander should be given as much space to move in as possible. It is also good exercise for them and helps them to sleep better at night. Taking them for a walk or asking someone to take them, might help. Dancing, or any other exercises like playing ball games or with balloons, will also get rid of any excess energy. For other tips click here.