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Inappropriate sexuality

If you are caring for a partner with dementia, there will be a great many changes in your relationship and these may include changes in your sexual relationship. Every couple and each situation is different but sexual problems, when they occur, can often be a cause of great distress.

You are likely to experience a sense of loss if a good sexual relationship ends or is no longer enjoyable. It may help if you talk to an understanding professional or a good friend. It is important to remember that any strange or unexpected sexual behaviour is likely to be part of the dementia and not directed at you in any personal way.

Of course, this may not be an area of concern for you. You may be able to continue with a satisfying sexual relationship for quite a few years, or you may feel happy that you can remain affectionate and close in other ways. Sexuality includes love, warmth, caring and sharing and building a relationship, not just the act of intercourse.