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Uninhibited behaviour

The person you are caring for may sometimes behave in a way that you or other people find embarrassing. It may be that the person’s forgotten the ‘rules’ our society has created about what is and what isn’t ‘acceptable’ behaviour.

Bear in mind that embarrassment is a response to behaviour. Different, 'odd' and 'strange' behaviour gives us an opportunity to rethink our ideas about what we think is tolerable.

There are often simple reasons behind what might seem to be inappropriate behaviour. Undressing in public may indicate that the person is hot or uncomfortable. Lifting a skirt or fiddling with trouser fastenings may be a sign that the person needs to use the toilet.

There may be times when the behaviour is more overtly sexual. The person may stroke his or her genitals or make advances to other people who are around, be they relations, care workers or waitresses. In this case, try to distract the person.