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Seminar 2017


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Wits Dementia Care Course (CONSORTIUM FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF NURSING SCIENCE): Flyer_2017 and Booking Form_2017

Please click on Gauteng - Courses and Workshops for more information. Click on Pretoria year planner 2017 for courses and workshops in Pretoria.


Thanks to the generosity of our members, our organisation is able to reach out to communities in Gauteng affected by dementia. Our valuable tool in detecting this disease in its early stages is memory screening, and we have clinics in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Soweto. The Lenasia community has also opened its doors to us.


During 2013, we trained over 70 Carers and Professionals and have reached over 2500 people from communities across Gauteng through information sessions and awareness campaigns. We have 23 support groups for family members and carers which are run on a monthly basis by wonderful volunteers. We also offer one-on-one counselling for family members and carers to help them to deal with the impact of this disease.

During September, we run an annual seminar using expert speakers to bring the medical professions up-to-date as well as using it as a platform to advocate for holistic care for dementia sufferers.

The services we offer needs the ongoing support of donors such as you. We appreciate and thank you for contributing to our 500 Club and some of you have already had the "winning" phone call. However, we need to expand our donor base and would ask you to consider recruiting one other person to join our special club to help us to continue with our work.

 Gauteng offers the services of a Memory Screening Clinic (please take note that this is not a diagnostic and/or treatment clinic), which is held monthly. An appointment needs to be made and the cost is R400.00 (cash only). The screening takes a maximum of 2-and-a-half hours. Once screened, should there be a need for further investigation, the person will be referred.

 A coffee shop "Elphino's" has opened at the Rand Aid Association's Ron Smith Care Centre in Lyndhurst, to provide a relaxing environment for residents and visitors. There's also a new, specialised dementia-care unit. For more information, please contact Phyllis or Helen on 011-882 6296 or devices, mobility and Home care equipment: from special tubing to build up handles on cutlery  to chairs that tip up to assist the person into a standing position Contact

Saxophonist Nick Hulett will play for residents of homes or other groups, if you will cover his travel costs:

 The artist who did this painting is only 18 years old.His name is Yedidya Falkson and he lives with his dad who has  dementia.He captures through the use of art things that his dad does which have become a habit (like take the flowers  out  of  the vase). He does do other paintings too.  No copies are to be made of his work and this has been published  courtesy of the artist, all rights are reserved.

 His email address is





Johannesburg: For more information, please contact the Gauteng office on 011-346 2757 or 

Pretoria:  Please contact Denise Fredericks on 012 991 1637 or